Taiwan's unique Dongding Royal Tea 150g * 1- Taiwan tea monopoly

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Strict selection of Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Honey fragrant Oolong Royal Tea, also known as saliva tea, quite close to the "Oriental beauty tea", is bitten by small green leaf tea insects that carry honey fragrances to give the tea a more aromatic taste.

Harvesting such unique tea requires strict conditions:

1. Pesticides cannot be used

2. Not all leaves can be bitten by the cicadas (supply is limited)

3. Leaves that were bitten and stop growing need to be handpicked one by one

Tea: Strict selection of Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Packing: 150g x 1

Maturity: The degree of fermentation is about 50 degrees

Tea Colour: Honey red 

Due to the natural hand picking methods, the leaves are naturally creased and can produce bitter tastes when boiled. Hence it is recommended that tea is boiled at a lower water temperature and that tea is boiled at sparsely amounts to prevent bitter tastes.


蜜香烏龍 貴妃茶,又名涎仔茶、蜜香茶亦有蜜香烏龍之稱;從製法來看,其實「凍頂貴妃茶」相當接近「東方美人茶」,共同之處都是經由小綠葉茶蟲咬過,帶有蜜香,因為有蟲咬才能有其蜜香之特色。等級也是依據蜜香而定.被小綠葉蟬蛀過的新芽,芽葉捲曲,變黃停止生長,富含小綠葉蟬分泌的特殊蛋白物質,也因植物本身的治癒能力會致使葉片的「茶多元酚類」的活性增強和「茶單寧」的含量增加,也是此茶風味特殊的原因。要收成此種小綠葉蟬蛀過新芽,有幾個條件:  









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